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Windows, Doors, Sun Rooms

Sure, there exist thousands of cleaners for the glass in windows and sun rooms. But what do you do with dirty or weathered frames? Why not try out our Plastic Cleaner PLUS and the Sanding & Polishing Cloth. The two of them together will manage it – and the white frame will shine like new. Yet there are also solutions for other issues. Our repair sets – whether the premium version with sealing for a sustainable repair or the mini repair sets for the quick repair of minor edge damage to room doors and wooden windows (in the interior). We are always glad to assist you in case of any questions – just use our contact form.

Repair Products

The Premium Repair Kit for all wood or laminate flooring, furniture and cabinets
Fine retouching of scratches, edge damage and light abrasions. ​
Easy touching-up and sealing - with a waterbase Brush Pen
Battery Melter for melting of Hard Wax and Ceramic Filler
Special tool to level Ceramic Filler and Hard Wax

Maintenance & Cleaning Products

The optimum hand pad for cleaning, maintaining and polishing
Lint Free Cloths - Perfect for thorough cleaning and polishing
Natural cleaner for lacquered wood and plastic surfaces
A high strength cleaner for laminate and plastic products