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Flooring and Stairs

A scratch on the newly installed laminate flooring – very annoying!  And where yesterday the beautiful vase stood, the wood flooring is now scuffed! We all know this too well. The new repair solutions of Picobello will help you to just remedy all the small damages yourself. Just as if nothing had happened! Are you looking for a sustainable repair including a sealing against dust and dirt? Then we would recommend our premium repair sets. Or do you just want to conceal quickly some small flaws? Then choose our small mini repair sets. Now it’s your turn. And, of course, we will be glad to assist you in case of any questions. Make use of our contact form and describe your concern.

Repair Products

The Premium Repair Kit for all wood or laminate flooring, furniture and cabinets
For refilling or as a supplement: To repair wood or laminate flooring, furniture...
Quick and easy: Repair Kit for laminate, solid wood, and veneer surfaces
To repair laminate, solid wood, and veneer surfaces - for refilling or as a supplement
Easy touching-up and sealing - with a waterbase Brush Pen
Battery Melter for melting of Hard Wax and Ceramic Filler
Special tool to level Ceramic Filler and Hard Wax