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Contract Information

Customer information in the conclusion of distance selling regulations
The following information applies only to transactions within the Consumer Protection Act for Distance Selling Contracts and is not representative of our general contractual Terms and Conditions.

1.  Identity and address of the seller
Your distance selling contract is with the company Konig North America, LLC -  2800 Black Lake Place, Unit D - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19154 - Tel No: (215) 426-6216, Fax No. (215) 464-2144 - Email:

2. Conclusion of the contract
On our website and in our print media (catalogs, advertising brochures, etc.) we inform you about the conditions and characteristics of the goods. The display of goods does not constitute a contract offer, but a non-binding invitation to you to order goods from us. By placing your order through this website (basket checkout) you signify your agreement offer to conclude a purchase contract. We will confirm the receipt of your order. However, the receipt does not constitute acceptance of your offer. We are entitled to accept the offer contained in your order within 4 working days (Saturday, Sunday and holidays are not counted as a working day) to accept.

3. Commodity price
All prices quoted are retail prices in US Dollars and include current sales tax. Temporary promotions are identified as such in the presentation of each product on our website and in our print media.

4. Shipping & Returns
Delivery & Returns costs are additional to the final prices of the respective goods invoiced.

5. Payments
For the goods ordered by you, payment can be made by credit or via PayPal. We process your order for packaging within 1-2 business days when payment has been credited to our account.

6. Right of withdrawal
You have the right of distance selling regulations; your right to cancel an order starts the moment you place your order ending 10 working days from the date of receipt of goods. Notification of your cancellation must be sent within the time limit to: 
Konig North America, LLC 
2800 Black Lake Place, Unit D - Philadelphia, PA  19154
Tel No: (215) 426-6216

Cancelled goods must be complete, i.e. including all accessories, manuals and original packaging. The return is at your expense and must be suitably packaged for secure shipment. This right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts for the supply of goods that are produced according to your specifications, which are clearly tailored to your personal needs. With the timely exercise of your right to withdraw the agreement between us the contract is terminated. Already received items are to be returned, and benefits derived are surrendered. You may inspect the goods to the extent as it would have been possible in a shop. We must make it absolutely clear that you have to pay compensation for goods which have either totally or partially failed to be returned, show signs of use or damage which you have omitted to advise of.

7. Offer Validity
The Offer Validity is reported in the presentation of each product on our website and in our print media.

8. Guarantees / Warranty terms
You have warranty claims under the law. The warranty period is two years for goods. Obvious defects, you must notify us immediately in writing, otherwise the assertion of warranty claims is excluded. It is sufficient if you notify us of obvious defects by e-mail. We assume no guarantees about the statutory warranty provisions.