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FAQ - Häufige Fragen

About purchasing

Can I also order picobello products abroad?

We ship only within the USA as well as to Canada and Mexico. For international shipping please visit

Is there a minimum order value?

No, there is not.

How fast is delivered?

Orders will ship within 2-3 business days. A Shipping and Handling fee of $5.99 will be applied to all orders. All Shipments will be sent via UPS, FedEx, or USPS using Ground service (at Shippers discretion).  All Duty and Import fees are to be handled by the recipient (if required).

How can I pay?

There are 2 payment methods available: PayPal and Credit (Visa / Mastercard). To pay with credit card is only possible through the PayPal channel. But you don't need to have a PayPal account. You can pay with your credit card data. The charge to your credit card account will be upon completion of the order.

Questions about the products

How do I find the right product for my damage?

We report damages in our product descriptions according to different severity: A deep scratch or deep edge damage must be filled. The different waxes from our sets (Premium Repair Kit or Mini Repair Kit) are suitable for this purpose. With a fine scratch usually only color needs to be added - the Quick Fox Scratch Repair is suitable for this. The finest scratches are damage to the varnish layer. AQUA Brush Pen Clear Lacquer is sufficient for the repair. Pressure marks can be easily filled with Transparent Hard Wax (900) - you will find it in the Premium Repair Kit.

How heat-resistant are the fillers?

Our fillers are characterized by high heat resistance. The melting point of hard wax is 178° F, of ceramic filler at 266° F. Both fillers are very resilient.

Can individual set components (for example, pens, waxes) be ordered separately?

Currently, you can buy various hard wax and ceramic fillers sets, the AQUA Brush Pen Clear Lacquer as well as some auxiliaries (Special Filler Applicator and Battery Melter) individually.

Tips & Tricks

How do I repair an edge damage?

In the case of abrasions, you can easily work with the Repair-Stick from the Quick Fix Scratch Repair. Simply rub the wax over the edge and remove the excess with a cotton cloth. Tip: For protection against dust and dirt, it is advisable to seal the damage with the AQUA Brush Pen Clear Lacquer. In the case of a chipping, you must fill the repair point with hard wax from our repair kits (for example the PREMIUM Repair Kit) and seal it afterwards. You can find various Application Tips for various damages here also on this page.

Can I repair damage only superficially?

You do not have to fill a scratch, so it does not attract attention. In the case of damage only to the lacquer, it is sufficient to coat clear lacquer with the AQUA Brush Pen Clear Lacquer.

Can I repair holes in the wood?

You can easily repair holes - just like deep scratches: fill the damage with hard wax and seal it with the AQUA Brush Pen Clear Lacquer.

I am not sure if I have understood the usage instructions correctly...

For many of our products, we have linked application videos. You can find them under the tab "Videos" in the article description. You will also find numerous application tips on our website. If you still have any questions, please use our contact form.

How can I create the right color for my damaged surface?

Our fillers can easily be mixed with the Battery Melter when melting. This gives you the right hue for each surface.

Why should I seal a repaired area?

After a repair with hard wax or also with ceramic filler it makes sense to seal the area, if you want to protect it permanently against dust, dirt and also moisture. Without sealing, the applied filler can change its color with time, dust may settles and moisture can also penetrate. For this reason, we always recommend to seal the area with our AQUA Brush Pen Clear Lacquer.