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Light scratches on a cabinet

We work with the Quick Fix Scratch Repair. The area to be repaired must be free from dust and grease. Remove any loose particles with the edge of the Mini-Applicator.

Choose the colour that best matches the surface and rub in wax crosswise to the scratch. With abrasions on the edge, rub in wax alongside the edge.

Use the edge of the Mini-Applicator to spread the applied wax with circular motions using light pressure. With damage on edges, remove wax residue from the surrounding area by just wiping over gently with the cotton cloth.

Use a darker shade of filler to imitate the grain pattern,if necessary.Then again, level applied wax with the Mini-Applicator.

Stretch a cotton cloth tight over the Mini-Applicator and remove wax residue from the surrounding area using light pressure. Then, gently wipe over the repaired area and its surroundings with the cotton cloth. 

TIP: To protect the repaired area, apply a sealing with the Brush Pen Clear Lacquer. Apply the lacquer evenly in one direction to the repaired area. Note: The AQUA Brush Pen is available in our shop.