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Damage: interior wood window frame

We work with the PREMIUM Repair Kit. The area to be repaired has to be clean, dry and free from grease. If necessary, remove any loose or sticking out particles.

Choose matching colors. Take care to apply always several colors from light to dark.

After activating the melter, melt off small portions of filler and mix together. Let wax mixture flow into the damage area. Note: Always slightly overfill the area!

Use the round grooves of the Special Fillers Applicator to strip off excess material on the edge.

For precise adjustment, imitate the grain pattern with a darker color filler stick. Then again, level off excess material with the planer grooves.

Use the grey sanding pad to degrease the area.

To protect the repaired area, apply a sealing with the AQUA Brush Pen Clear Lacquer. Apply the lacquer evenly in one direction to the repaired area. If possible, do not apply lacquer to the surroundings.

When the repaired area is dry (after approx. 10-15 minutes at room temperature), the sheen level can be adjusted with the Sanding and Polishing Pad. The green side of the pad polishes while the white side reduces the sheen level.