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Whether you need to fix a scratch, hole, gouge, or abrasion, Picobello offers the right solution. When used properly, Picobello products will help you to achieve the best results. Be sure to check out our application videos to see how easy it is!

Repair small scratches on laminate

The new Repair Kit is ideal for repairing chips, scratches and other types of cosmetic damage to items such as furniture, laminate or wood flooring, and kitchen cabinets - see how it works.

It's just so easy:


Mixing and Filling

Einreiben und Abtragen

Step 1-3:
The area to be repaired must be clean, dry and free of grease. Remove any loose particles and rough edges prior to the repair. Select suitable colors. Using several color shades from light to dark. Melt off small portions of filler and mix together. Let wax mixture flow into the damaged area. Remove surplus filler using the serrated teeth of the Special Fillers Applicator.

Farbe anpassen Entfetten Entfetten

Step 4-6:
For detailed adjustment, imitate the grain pattern with a darker hue of filler. Again remove surplus filler using the serrated teeth of the Special Filler Applicator. Use the gray abrasive pad to degrease the area while at the same time reducing the sheen of the repaired area. Apply the lacquer evenly in one direction to the repaired area only. When the repaired area is dry (after approx. 10-15 minutes at room temperature), the sheen can be adjusted with the Sanding and Polishing Pad.

From problem to solution

Step by Step problem Solving. Simply
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Accreditations and awards

The ‚Verband der deutschen Parkettindustrie e.V.‘ (German Parquet Manufacturers Federation)
recommends the picobello repair sets! And ‚Selbst ist der Mann‘ (a German DIY magazine) awards the highest points score! Both awards make us very happy as it underlines the quality of our products. » more

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