"Selbst ist der Mann" awards the highest points score – 5 hammers for the picobello Repair Set for Parquet/Laminate Floors and Wood Surfaces. The picobello Repair Set was tested in the August issue of the Do-It-Yourself magazine "Selbst ist der Mann". The testers were focusing on the quality, handling and ease of use. The test result was very good: "Selbst ist der Mann" awarded with 5 of 5 hammers the full points score for the picobello Repair Set for Parquet/Laminate Floors and Wood Surfaces! The testers were particularly impressed with the professional surface repair and the variety and ability to mix colour shades. For picobello it is a test passed with flying colours and confirms the products‘ high quality, easy handling and durability. For more information, please click selbst.de (german)


All picobello products were developed by experts from Heinrich König & Co. KG and have been well-proven in professional use. For more than 100 years, Heinrich König & Co. KG have been developing, manufacturing and distributing high-quality products for the repair and maintenance of surfaces made from wood, plastic, stone and metal. Always striving for the best quality, a quality with the seal "Made in Germany".

Being a 'problem solver', Heinrich König is always up to date on the development of both surfaces and materials. Great value is placed on working closely with customers, steadily improving products and developing solutions for new surfaces.

The family enterprise is represented in more than 80 countries all over the world and its customers include the big furniture manufacturers as well as the door and window industry, parquet and laminate manufacturers, the furniture trade, carpenters, restorers, stone masonry companies as well as the automotive industry, distribution companies and the boat and yacht building industry.

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For each product in our shop you will find a short "how to" video. If you want to watch all of our movies at a glance, then simply look at our YouTube Channel! And coming soon: news, tips and examples of repairs you can achieve around the home, all on our facebook page in a few weeks.

We are member of ...

Member of the World Floor Covering Association:
The floor covering industry’s largest advocacy organization representing specialty floor covering retailers, cleaners, installers, manufacturers and distributors from around the globe.

Member of the Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers Association:
A voluntary, non-profit trade association representing North American cabinet manufacturers and suppliers to the industry.

Accreditations and awards

The ‚Verband der deutschen Parkettindustrie e.V.‘ (German Parquet Manufacturers Federation)
recommends the picobello repair sets! And ‚Selbst ist der Mann‘ (a German DIY magazine) awards the highest points score! Both awards make us very happy as it underlines the quality of our products. » more

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